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    Jive use for large internal meetings?

      Good afternoon!


      Are any of you using Jive for event management and collaboration (before, during, after) - namely for larger meetings like national sales and marketing meetings?


      If so, are you using apps/modules in addition to the standard Jive functionality? And, if you are using Jive in this way, would you be willing to share any details about how you have set it up, i.e. did you do it all internally or did you hire someone to customize? Would you be willing to share any screen shots of what it looks like?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi there! We actually created a community in Jive specifically for our Sr Leadership meetings, where leaders from all over the country fly in to a location for a 2 day affair. As the meeting had 4 key points of discussion throughout the two days, we set each topic as a 'Project", and configured the project space to resemble a "sub-group". No real need in my mind to hire outside help to configure the community as it's so easy to do on your own, or if you have an in house web team, get some ideas from them in regard to the design/usability.


          All pre-work material and assignments were loaded up to the broad community using the 'Categories' widget. This worked great, one stop shopping and no emailing large decks.

          At the meeting itself, we assigned "scribes" responsible for recording the discussion topics of the meeting and had two Jive experts (myself and another colleague) float around the meeting rooms for any assistance.

          Post meeting, the members would go back to the community and continue the conversations


          While this worked well, I can tell you that it was/is a real challenge to get folks at this level of the organization comfortable using the platform. Some are still comfortable back in the stone age...


          Hope that helps!


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            A few of our Communications teams have had success with event coverage before, during and after the events. Attendance is usually limited due to travel budgets, so we've tried to bring the experience to everyone by using our internal Jive community. We've created groups dedicated to the event, where we promote the event in advance and drum up some excitement through discussion topics as well as share the event agendas, etc. During the event, we deploy a team of internal bloggers (executives, subject matter experts, Communications team members) to provide live updates and bring others into the conversation. Post-event, we'll use the group to post replays of the presentations and provide follow-up for any action items. We haven't tried any conference apps yet, though would love to try that someday! Happy to discuss in more detail and refer you to a few additional colleagues if you'd like more info on what we've done at Thomson Reuters. Good luck!

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              Andrew Kratz

              I'm bummed I missed the meet-up to talk about this use case.  I love this use case!


              To promote the internal meeting services we did create a document with pre, during and post event/meeting services for use by meeting planners (all internal to the company)  That list may spark some ideas for you.  Check out the post at Host your next internal event on your jive site The attachment on that post has the services menu.  I also do catering on the side if you need food and drink ("Social Bread Consulting" is the working name).


              Let us know what you end up doing...would love more real life feedback on this use case.


              - Andrew


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