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    Potential Document Conversion Memory Leak


      Hello Support Forum !


      I was wondering if anyone has experienced issues with the document-conversion service with SBS 5.0.1? Specifically, around issues with running out of memory when the doc-conversion processes (soffice PIDs) are potentially churning on a large document for an extended period of time?

      We have our doc-conversion service living on its own box, and it often consumes nearly 98% of the 4 GB's we've allocated to it. When this occurs, the box will basically become unstable and we end up restarting the whole thing, and starting back up the doc-conversion services. I know JIVE uses OpenOffice for this service, so I've been doing some research on the JIVE and OpenOffice forums, but wanted to also pose the question if anyone has run into this issue lately?


      If anyone is curious and wants more details, please let me know. Or if you have experienced a similar issue, if you could please reply with any details, it would be greatly appreciated.





      --Asif Ahmad