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    Unanswered Questions

      Hi guys,


      I started managing my community a few months ago. There are a ton of unanswered questions, some being as old as May 2012.


      Do any of you have any ideas of how to best manage this and get this # of unanswered questions down?


      • Should I mark "Assumed Answered" after 7 days?
      • Do you use gamification techniques to encourage resolving open cases?


      Any tips would be very much appreciated.




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          John Schwiller

          When you say 'unanswered' is this (mainly) no replies, or replies and they are just not marked 'Correct' or 'Helpful'?  Have you run comms to your members so that they understand the reasons why it is a) worth replying to questions and b) marking replies as helpful or correct? [points for the altruistic people who respond, and getting the good replies up at the top of the thread for when people ask a similar question next time].


          Marking Assumed Answered after 7 days seems a bit soon to me, but perhaps your community has a fast heartbeat. I typically only sweep up such questions after a month or more.

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            Ted Hopton

            To quote from the great movie, The Princess Bride just after its 25th anniversary, "learn to live with disappointment!" There will always be open questions. It is far easier to ask a question than to answer it, so by definition it's far more likely that people will ask questions than answer them -- and in a community where everyone is free to post as they wish, that means more questions than answers.


            It's okay. Communities are messy. Just like real life. Focus on helping the most viable questions get answered and don't concern yourself with those that, in the course of question-answer evolution, die off. You can nudge people you know to answer questions they are qualified to respond to, for example. And you can post links to questions in places where those who are likely to know the answer will see it. But just get used to unanswered questions, just as we all must in our own lives

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              I started managing our Jive internal rollout in May as well. If I think the answer requires a more specific or esoteric answer, I will jump in and answer it. If it is a more general question, I let it germinate a bit in hopes that an Advocate jumps in. If no one jumps in 4-5 days, I follow up and either answer or pull in someone else via @mention. As for marking correct, I've been using my status update to encourage folks to mark answers, but a blog post is in order soon ( we're still in soft launch).  If the author doesn't mark an answer, if the q is about a month old, I will mark it. Occasionally I unmark something as a question, if it turned out to be a discussion-- hasn't happened too much though.

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                Hello Alll,


                I do have pretty much the same question, so I will add on top of this discussion. Let's say that you want to keep track of all the unanswered questions no matter what. 

                There is the search feature that may help a little, but I have not found a way to make the proper filter. I needed to use the Jive API with Excel and apply some filters to get what I really needed (no replies, or not assumed answered or not answered).


                • What would be the Jive features you would recommend to keep track of all unanswered questions (no replies, or not assumed answered or not answered)?
                • I am wondering how Jive folks are monitoring their questions, do you have a lot of unanswered questions as Ted Hopton stated?
                • Is there any existing dashboard, or something in your plans to help support staff keeping track of those questions? (in our context, we have rotational positions, and it would help a lot to provide them the list of questions that require attention)


                Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the question, and I can provide more context if required.

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                    Ted Hopton - I was hoping someone would answer me ... this is what I would like to minimize in our community

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                      Keeley Sorokti

                      Patrice - I have the same questions/need. The Unanswered Question tile is not nuanced enough for our highly technical Jive-x community. Would love to have some way to show all of the questions that haven't received any replies at all so that I don't have to manually highlight these and ask people to see if they haven anything to share.


                      To me, there is a difference between an unanswered question with no reply and an unanswered question with at least one reply. I want to be able to create a super tile (or something like this) that allows me to pull in all questions that have 0 replies. Will create an idea or see if an idea exists for this.

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                      Keeley Sorokti

                      Everyone vote on this idea:

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                        Keeley Sorokti

                        And this idea:

                        I need to create this same idea for a tile since I don't use widgets.