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    How to become a partner?

      Hi everyone,

      Cound not you help me?


      We are interested to become Jive partners. I tried to contact whith Jive

      1. I filled the form on Jive contact of the http://www.jivesoftware.com/partners/register, but nobody replied me.

      2. I send a letter to customersuccessteam@jivesoftware.com, but nobody replied me.

      3. After I got Jive 30-trial access I have got a letter from a Jive manager, who asks me if we  want to by a product? I replied not, we want to become a partner. But he says:

        "Partnerships are a separate department from corporate sales where I work so I don't have any kind of information on your inquiry to give you a status update but it is the end of the quarter so I know that the department is very busy closing their current projects."


      Are there any ideas?