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    Activity Engine not passing activities to Jive instance



      The Spigit webapp is posting activities back to Jive, but these activities are not showing up in our Jive instance - spigit.hosted.jivesoftware.com.  This function worked until about two weeks ago.  Coincidentally about that time, two things happened:

      a. there was a migration of hosted servers, including spigit.hosted.jivesoftware.com, at the Jive data center,

      b. the license for spigit.hosted.jivesoftware.com timed out and needed to be reinstated.  This was taken care of last Friday (9/21).


      In my What Matters display in spigit.hosted.jivesoftware.com, I can see activities that predate two weeks ago.  New activities are not showing up there.


      In a debugging session w/ Gary Jensen Gary Jensen (Friday 9/28/2012 1:30pm), we established that the activities are properly being received by the Jive gateway but are not being forwarded to the Jive instance (spigit.hosted.jivesoftware.com) for some reason.  There are 14 activities queued up in the gateway (I'm told) waiting to be processed.  That is the number I would expect for activities posted in the last 2 weeks.


      Our debugging session (w/ Gary J) established that test connections to the activity engine (exercised using the [admin] >> System >> Settings >> Activity Engine >> Test Connection button) are successful.  But the last error in the log file complains that the Activity Engine is not running:


      28 Sep 2012 08:35:44,027 [NonBlockingEventDispatcher-thread-7] [:] ERROR impl.ActivityManagerImpl - Unable to add new activity. Writing to journal temporarily.

      com.jivesoftware.eae.service.client.ServiceClientException: Internal Activity Engine exception: org.apache.thrift.TException: com.jivesoftware.eae.service.DataSourceException: Datasource for 8f906796-4138-45e9-8cfe-7bf4000c65b1 is not running. Activity must be resent later.


      Attached is the last 1000 lines of that log