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    Has anyone deployed a LMS (SCORM) type file in Jive?


      I've searched through the Community and not found an answer to a specific client need, so raising the question here.


      Our client has been using an interim LMS solution to deploy a couple training courses globally. These are fully defined and content rich SCORM-compliant classes that an LMS platform handles very well. The issue our client is having -- performance is dreadful in many of their global offices. The team is scrambling a bit to see if there is an alternate approach until their new LMS system comes on-line in 2013.


      I found a few discussions in the Community (Is it possible to upload Articulate files to Jive? and e Learning) that are related, but do not address the specific need we have. My feeling is that these SCORM training courses are a "set" of files that a LMS handles with ease, but isn't something Jive would handle in an integrated way. The only possible solution I am seeing is to have a "master document" that links out to various audio, video, and document files. It will be clumsy at best.


      If anyone has any thoughts or insights, it would be much appreciated.