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    Has anyone looked at using Rogers/Moore adoption curve to shift community messages and initiatives over time?

    Dennis Pearce

      Everett Rogers came up with the technology adoption curve most people are familiar with (Innovators/Early Adopters/Early Majority/Late Majority/Laggards), followed in more detail by Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm where he points out that the biggest hurdle is moving from the Early Adopters who are in it because it's new and cool and they like that sort of thing, to the Early Majority who need to see examples of productivity to make the leap.  Moore talks about how the things that motivate people to adopt change along the curve -- coolness, individual competitive advantage, productivity, help and training, etc:




      I noticed in the graph displayed alongside Roger's Wikipedia profile in the link above that there are percentages of the population associated with each phase, basically using standard deviations.  We just became jive customers at the beginning of this year and went live in April, so most of our users have been early adopters.  I decided to overlay the curve with the percentage of our total population that are active, participating, and contributing.  Each one is a range -- the first number is the percentage the day before our CEO talked it up in his early August 3Q all-employee presentation; the second number is where we were a couple of weeks ago (last time I measured)_ma:



      I have also noticed that the questions The specified item was not found. and I have been getting from users are shifting from "How do I do X in Jive?" to "I'm looking to use jive for this -- do you think it would be a good fit?"  So the signals seem to indicate that it's time to shift our emphasis from the Jive how-to docs and videos (which are great, btw!), to a focus on productivity.  I am wondering if anyone else has used an approach like this and if so how successful it was?  It seems like you could track participation right along the curve and continually shift the messaging as you go to aim for the next user type in the adoption curve.