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    "Stack"-like functionality for threaded discussions



      A new Jive community manager here and looking forward to JiveWorld next week. I have a group of users that is very technical that lives on stackoverflow.com. (see screengrab below). They love the UX and are contemplating building something like this for their needs. Ideally, we build it for them on Jive instead...


      I curious: has anyone developed or seen a widget that delivers this view into the threaded discussions in Jive?


      Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.



      - Jeff



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          I have this exact need/question (power users who love the Stack Overflow model).  I'm looking to mimic large parts of this functionality in Jive - specifically the ability to surface the best content (as defined by the community through votes) up to the top as well as allowing for things to be editable over time so that threads are not static, but are active, living, growing things.


          I think i have a bunch of features mapped in Jive that can get me started (liking/voting - best answer selections, etc.).  I'd love to see an example of an external community already implementing these features in attempt to capture the Stack Overflow feel.



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              Anyone get any reply from Jive on this front?

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                  I talked with my account rep and a few other folks about this at Jive and there was some discussion around customizing the Ideation module to do this, but that would have needed to be undertaken by us as a client with custom development.


                  I've been spending a lot of time on Stack recently and realized that there are several aspects to their system and not all of them are necessarily things I want and/or are things I think Jive is really built for.


                  The StackOverflow model in general is about "the right/best answer" and nothing else.  Discussion is actually discouraged and down voting can be pretty severe.  I'm not saying that's every community that implements this style of Q&A, but that is what the Stack architecture is designed for.  After thinking for a while why I wanted to emulate a Stack like design in my community, I realized my motivation was about allowing people to easily surface content that the community deemed good/right - and even with a piece of content (think thread), have the answers that followed be filterable/sortable in the same fashion.


                  Ultimately I think we are going to approach this through a combination of likes and ratings.  Not the same numeric "upvote/downvote" style as Stack, but I think it accomplishes much the same result and doesn't require our community to be heavily moderated.


                  Would love to hear other thoughts on people's approach to implementing a StackOverflow like system in their Jive instance.