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    Cannot install Dev Console

      hi all


      I am new to Jive. I tried to download the Dev Console from the marketplace, but it shows Unavailable. I have tried steps from the getting started page too, but nothing helped. Please help.




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          Hi Kapli,


          In order for us to help resolve this, could you please provide us with the value of your jive.appsmarket.id, visible under the System Properties section of the Admin Console. Also within the Admin Console, please double check that Core and Web Services are enabled under System | Web Services.



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              Hi David,


              Thanks for being steady in responding my query. Actually I am quite a newbie to Jive. There are certain concerns/question in my mind. Following are those:

              a) I have singed in for creating a community (for my company) by visiting main site i.e.  Jive Social Business - Collaboration & Social Software Solutions and after doing so I am able to create a intuitive collaboration portal for my community. But as I was going through documentation and there was one section about installing.

              As I have already a community (on Jive server) then for what I need to Install Jive SBS?

              I searched it for quite a time but was unable to find a satisfactory answer.


              b) On created community I could not find " jive.appsmarket.id, visible under the System Properties".In Admin console there is a system tab in navigation & under this I have a list of things like widgets etc. but above was not there. so Where I can find jive.appsmarket.id?


              c) Also, I could not find "System | Web Services in admin console" so where to find these web services?


              d) Too, in admin console of created community, I was unable to find many things like mentioned above items, plugins, applications (e.g. dev console). So is my admin console refer to your suggestion's admin console or I am missing something here?


              It will be really nice if you could respond at earliest. I shall be thankful to you .


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                  Hi Kapil,


                  Sorry to have confused the situation, but I believe you are accessing Jive via the cloud at jiveon.com, and my previous suggestions are not applicable. Could you please provide the URL of the community and I will use that to further understand the problem you are facing.


                  Thank you.

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                      Hi David,


                      I  am using https://advaiya.jiveon.com/. And just curious if custom development is to be done (like app development)  then which one is good : Jive-hosted or self-hosted? Too, are there any tutorial/documentation for app development with Java (& even database) for above hosting environments (like how to create & deploy on these hosted environment)?


                      Please reply as soon as possible, as it is required with great deal of time.




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                  Are you the Jive Admin? One way you can tell is if you have access to the advanced controls of the apps in the market. Here's what my view of the dev console looks like:

                  dev console.jpg

                  Note the "Enabled" drop down. If the app shows as "Unavailable" it's likely that your admin has not enabled it. Would you mind checking this??


                  Hopefully, the solution will be as easy as simply enabling the app.