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    Unable to find Theme Resource Kit link




      I've gone through all the guides regarding customizing the UI with the Theme Resource Kit and they all mention a 'Find out how to create your own theme' link that should appear after loading the Customize your site page.

      I can't seem to find this link or any other way of accessing the Theme Resource Kit.

      I've added a screen cap below displaying the page I get after clicking the Customize your site link:

      Customize your site screen cap.jpg


      Additional info:

      -Clicking any of the links next to 'Customize your site' (Themes, Fonts and Colors, Branding and Decoration) does not reveal any links to the Theme Resource Kit (they just give Basic customization options)

      -I'm working in Jive 6ui

      -My permission level is Full Access


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!