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    Best way to follow Jive and/or Twitter tag like #jw12 ?


      Hi external and Jive Community: Group: Internal Community Managers. I am trying to follow jw12 from my desk in Boston.


      At first glance, there is enormous redundancy between Twitter stream for this tag and Jive Community activity stream for this tag. But not 100% equivalence.


      Is there a suggested way to follow Jive World 2012 without (a) seeing most posts twice --- once on twitter and again on JC, or (b) missing 20% of posts by choosing to use only one of twitter / JC?




      PS: This question has similar aim as Re: Missing the Personal Home Page where Andres Susarret asks Jive to help him view each message just once (not 2-3 times over) in the course of his daily Jive workflow