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    Strange value for #views

    Matt Laurenceau

      Great to talk with Karl today during jw12.

      We talked about #views (on blog post for example)


      Google Analytics or Omniture give us a far smaller value than the #views field on the blog post.

      JIve Support told us that #views field also contains the number of impressions (occurrence of this blog post headline being listed on a widget like Popular Blog posts).

      THis is very misleading, since users do not view it as long as they do not click on it.


      STakeholders now complain that they cannot trust Jive anymore.


      CAn you confirm this behavior?

      HOw can we remove the #impressions, so that #views indeed reflects number of VIEWS, so that your stakeholders do not lose loyalty?

      Ideally, a hot fix for our 4.5.8 platform could be able too fix this behavior.