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    Programmatically changing space layout


      As part of a new widget roll-out, I need to programmatically add the widget to lots spaces (over 1500) as well as change the layout of all of them.  I'm comfortable hacking the right table(s) in the dark corners of the db but want to know where to start and if there an any sharp pointy things I need to watch out for.


      Thanks in advance ... all comments are appreciated.

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          Modifying widget layout at the back end seems to be tricky to me, as we might need to understand the exact data model.


          The tables seem to be in the following hierarchy:

          jivewlayout     -     List of available layouts

          jivewlayoutframe     -     The jivewlayout being applied to a particular community(or any container)

          jivewidget     -     List of available widgets

          jivewidgetframe     -     Position of a widget in the jivewlayoutframe

          jivewidgetfrmprop     -     Properties pertaining to the widget(eg. HTML body of a HTML text widget)


          One thing to remember. When you make changes at the back end, do remember to refresh cache to view the updates.

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