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    What do to about the sessions you missed

      If you are like me, there were 2-3 sessions at each time slot that you wanted to see. Here is what I do!


      Jive records and posts the videos to all of the sessions. Within 1-2 days after JiveWorld go through your flagged sessions (you used the mobile app to flag sessions didn't you?) and create a list of the sessions you want to watch. Last year I created one big list, but this year I'm going to create a few lists of 2-3 sessions each. Create these lists with the Track # and title.


      Use your preferred reminder system - send via email and snooze it (i use the SimplyFile Outlook add-in), To Do reminder (remember the milk), calendar item or ????. Set the first list to show up in 3 weeks. Jive should have the sessions posted by then! Then have a new list show up every 2-3 weeks. Within a month or two you can get through all of your missed sessions!