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    Old/previous server still being referenced on links found in some e-mail notifications


      Hi Everyone!


      We've just cut-over to the new server and now running SBS in PILOT for almost 2 weeks now. We have this very weird issue with some of the notification e-mails being received by some of our users. The headers in the mail bears a link and is still pointing to the old server. This is also true as well if we checked/hover our mouse pointer over the links within the mail (i.e. If a user created a new content, the hyperlink embedded in the User info and the link to the newly created content).


      Aside from jive.URL, we've added jiveURL.email and jiveURL.email.default to our System Properties. But this did not do the trick.


      We are still receiving complaints from users saying that the links showing in the header and/or contents of some of the notification e-mails are hyperlinks to the old server and clicking on any of these links will redirect them to that old host.


      Can you please advise?



      Thanks in advance,