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    CSS dymanic url in .ftl

      Hey guys,


      We are getting ready to move to production and I would like to get rid of static references to the url. For example here is my current code:


      body {
        background: url(http://community.nana.com/theme/nana/img/bg_body.jpg) top center repeat-x #fff;
        padding: 0!important;



      I am not to used to FTL and would like it to be something like this:


      body {
        background: url(http://' somevariable '/theme/nana/img/bg_body.jpg) top center repeat-x #fff;
        padding: 0!important;
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          In your theme create a sharedVariable.ftl file and add variable like:


          <#assign yourVar = "https://uat.nana.com" />


          Then include this ftl file where you need to access this variable like:

          <#include "/template/global/include/sharedVariables.ftl" />


          Then use the variable as required:

          url( '${yourVar}/theme/nana/img/bg_body.jpg')

          Hope this helps.

          P.S. if you are referring some thing in css you usually do it with reference like

          body { 

            background: url("/theme/nana/img/bg_body.jpg") top center repeat-x #fff

            padding: 0 !important


          This should work fine as well and it the the right way of doing it.


          - Nikhil