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    How to make & install java based apps?

      Hello Jivers,


      Lately I was stuck with creating & installing Java based apps in my community site. My concern is as I have some Java based artifacts like source files etc. then how to create & install these apps. As till now I have used command line tools for creating jive apps using "$ jiveapps create <name>" and then it returned some git based files like html, js and app.xml.

      It would be really helpful if some one could help us in following:

      a) How to make applications beyond js, html & css (like Java source files too)?

      b) Is there any training material which covers developing apps based on Java (& may be custom database too), configuration of these apps (like where to put these artifacts), and their installations?


      I will be grateful to any person answering my queries . Please reply soon.




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          Jive Apps are designed to be SaaS based applications that are delivered into the Jive experience via standard defined Web component (an OpenSocial gadget). We'll be continuing to push the envelope of API coverage and capability of Jive Apps, however, delivery of Java plugins is not something that we will support using this architecture. 


          I'd check out the documentation section in this community to learn more about building apps.