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    Server Performance


      Hello All - We are considering deploying an install of the Jive gamification module in a 500K user environment. As part of the consideration for this project I have been asked to investigate server load considerations...


      Has anyone experienced any issues with server performance post install of the gamification module? The concern is that based on our user load, will the spike in API calls cause an adverse impact?


      Any input would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you very much...

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          Hi Matt -


          The Nitro platform, which powers the module is capable of scaling to several thousand requests per second. We have had customers with 75 million users use Nitro to power their experience.


          The load from 500k users will not place a considerable load on the Nitro service.


          Should you want a private cloud environment, the Jive and Bunchball sales teams would be happy to discuss pricing.




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              That's great Dan, thank you very much.


              I will pass along your feedback to our Web team.


              We have a discussion started with a rep at Bunchball, but I was also asked to reach out to any current community admins for further feedback as well.