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    Poll Capabilities?


      I have two questions regarding poll capabilities:


      1. Is there a way to allow users to assign polls to specific people (instead of assigning a poll to a group or space)?


      2. Is there a way to ask more than one question per poll?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Oh we would also love to have several questions per poll, but also allow (if chosen) several answers when appropriate. And once a user has voted, there's no possibility to change one's mind.

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            What about Multiple choice answers?  I'd like to be able to put specific answers and let pollers select one or more responses.... thoughts?

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              Hi Lauren.  Here is my stab at your questions


              1. You can create a poll in your personal container, but anyone in the community can see it.  It would be a neat feature to have the visibility control of documents in your container or the ability to make a poll private like discussion.  Your best bet would be to create a group or space that is restricted & make it a poll centric community with all other items dissabled (discussions, documents, etc), then the admin can control who has access to the poll.
              2. The answer here is NO.  I would think at some point a Jive App will come out that takes polls to a new level.