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    JiveWorld12 wrap


      Hi everyone, I have just made it back to OZ from Sin City (attending The specified item was not found. and thought I'd give a little review of what I saw and took away from the event. This is just a short summary as I am still hopeful that we can organise another get together before the end of the year.


      • Congrats to Jive for the conference overall, it was well run, timely and focused on the customer, which was a very refreshing perspective. Whilst the two mainstage addresses featured Jive CEO Tony Zingale, Jive CMO John Rizzo and Jive Marketing VP Chris Morace, significant time and importance was given to key customer experiences with PWC and EMC enlightening the audience with their stories of successful rollouts of Jive. On the 2nd day there was a cameo appearance by Box CEO and Founder Aaron Levie. Of worth noting is the recent alliance between Jive and Box.
      • As expected there was a heavy influence of Twitter throughout the conference with prizes for the most tweets and from memory one guy managed over 400 tweets (kind of wonder whether he had time to take in anything else).
      • Of particular note, (given that Jive is a social company) was the way they lived up to that position and actively organised lunch sessions designed to foster discussion and sharing (which were successful).
      • The sessions were many and varied and led in the main by customers. I thought it was an excellent way of demonstrating the value position Jive was to the respective organisations implementing it.
      • Keep close to the The specified item was not found. groups for post conference material as I'm sure you will find it valuable.
      • The venue for the conference was the Cosmopolitan Hotel and it was perfect, although for we Aussies and kiwi's it was very very large
      • Jive has appointed a sales resource in Australia, based in Melbourne and I'm sure Devan Batavia will be making an announcement about that in the near future


      All in all a well run and organised conference and thanks to all the Jive staff for making it a hit.


      ps. Start working on your business case to attend next year as it will be worth the effort.