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    Support for single-address sites?


      We're trying to integrate Jive with ServiceNow (a popular HelpDesk/Service system), so that we can link service tickets from ServiceNow to Jive dicussions.  The ServiceNow product uses frames (yikes!) so the address in the browser is always the same.  Is there a way we can make JA detect the address of a named frame, for a named site?  Or failing that, is there a javscript call that we can add to the ServiceNow page with the unique URL we want to link to - so we would tell users to click a button the screen instead of the JA button, but it would still open the JA addon and link to the designated address? 


      I imagine the same problem could also be found on sites that make extensive use of POSTs (ex a CRM system that you want to link into a specific customer or opportunity, etc) instead of discrete GETs.

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          Oooo! Good question. I'm sure I'll get asked this at some point after we go live with this, so would love to know as well.

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            Yes, you can enable Jive Anywhere in an applicaiton that always keeps the same address.


            The trick is to use a javascript code snippet that goes and update the hash tag of the top window. Ex: if your address is https://mycompany.service-now.com/navpage.do , when you display SR00012345, it transforms the top address into https://mycompany.service-now.com/navpage.do#SR00012345 .


            Code looks something like this:

            <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

               function changeHash(newHash) {

                if (parent.parent) {

                 parent.parent.location.hash = '#' + newHash;





            Jive Anywhere uses the full path including the hashtag. So developping something using this javascript code snippet, you could basically enable Jive Anywhere in any site that stays with the same URL. I have tested this on mock up pages only; it works without reploading the page. Now I'm not sure how to implement this kind of javascript snippet into ServiceNow but that should not be a too big deal.

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                Thanks for the tip.  Been working on this on and off the last few weeks (finally some quiet time this week..)


                In general, that works out OK, but ServiceNow in particular is finicky about it's URLs.  If you come into the app the "normal" way (login through the home screen, navigate to the item) you get a URL that doesn't contain the "/navpage.do" part.  If you use their supported deep-link mechanism, though, you end up with a URL that does contain /navpage.do  So, you could have a scenario where you get to the same page with two different URLs, and therefore you can't always see the existing discussions in Jive for what's really the same content.


                To get around that, I put my own deep link redirector code into the default homepage in ServiceNow to "internally" handle the redirect from the hastag (iframe-to-iframe, leavining the page URL alone).  Probably not 100% supported, but it seems to work so far, and I plan to run it by an official SN developer to see what he thinks.  Luckily there are no session variables or other "extras" in the URL, or I'd really be stuck (Oracle, for example, is notorious for doing that all over the place in their eBusiness Suite)


                I reverse-engineered the Jive plugin, and it looks like they do get parts of the metadata already from the OpenGrpah data in the page - I was able to customize the "snippet" that gets created pretty easily his way - but the one property that would really help here is if they looked at the og:url property (which is already part of OpenGraph) before the browser URL when creating the Jive link, and when looking up existing content.  Then I wouldn't have to patch together the hashtag bits in multiple places, and the plugin could find the related Jive content even if you come in on two different URLs.


                About to go see if there is already an idea submitted for that tweak...  Oudi Antebi, Mor Avital, any chance this is already on the roadmap?

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                    Hi Jim,


                    We do have something in our roadmap that would allow you to customize exactly which aspects of the page you grab in the preview that gets posted to the discussion. These customizations will include the ability to use the OpenGraph URL rather than the site URL. This is barring any unforeseen technical issues, of course, as it's still roadmap, but wanted to let you know we agreed this was a great idea and so are looking to provide the ability in Q2 along with some other really great new features for Jive Anywhere. I'll post this same comment on your idea so that we have a complete record.


                    Thanks for the suggestion, keep them coming!


                    - Mor

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                  Jim Cassella,

                  On a slight tangent, have you also considered writing an app to surface part of the ServiceNow product?