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    Executive Participation Framework/Strategy Under Construction!

      Am putting together a communications strategy for a senior executive to participate in both a single business unit community and want to provide some great advice as to what he can expect when participating with the rest of the organization across all business units in our company.  The community he's currently involved in is a private group for senior leadership (300+ employees) we just rolled out earlier this year in the business unit he leads and we want to advise him as to what he might expect when he participates in our company-wide, open community that is just being rolled out now but will potentially have 80,000 employees participating over the next year.  Any do's and don'ts you could provide?  He's very committed to participating on his own and we just want to provide either a framework or approach that will not suck up all of his time.  Thoughts?  Comments?

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          One of the things you might want to think about is setting up an editorial calendar that he helps create.  Get him (and a handful of others) to commit to creating some regular content (once a week, once a month, once a quarter, etc.) and then check in and support him throughout the process.  Another thing you might do is post links to helpful articles about management/leadership/employee communication so that they can pick up some best practices.

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              We've developed an editorial calendar for his leadership community but we're trying to get a handle on what to expect when he gets involved in the larger employee community.  Our core concern is that even with an editorial calendar and a list of core topics he will address, we know that we can't control what the response will be and that many people in their excitement to reach out to a senior leader, may take the conversations into entirely different directions -- drastically increasing the workload exponentially.  Does anyone have experience with this and have any ideas on approach and how best to resource this?