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    Jive 6 V3 API create person externally


      I'm evaluating Jive 6.  I need to be able to create users via web services from outside of Jive.


      I Jive 5.0.3 I had used the Legacy 4.5 XML based Web Services as there was no way to do this in the V2 API.


      However, when I try to use the RESTful services in V3 to create a person I run into the SecurityInterceptor ("The request could not be validated as originating from within the SBS application").


      What is the recommended approach to allow external sources to use the V3 API for POST requests?  Do I have to create my open plugin with the SecurityInterceptor disabled?  Is there a more elegant way?  I'd be surprised if someone would architect a large set of web services with no way to call them from an external application.