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    issues faced while using jive cloud api


      Mark Weitzel / Aron Racho



      answer to the questions you asked




      1) to create an activity i am using the following api


           A) request



                following is what i send in the header as a json object


      curl -i -u joe.developer:xxxx -X POST --header 'Content-Type: applicaion/json' -d  {  "title": "Simple activity title", "content": "See this activity!"  }

          B) Response


          i get a success as response which also includes the url for the entries , when i open these urls it says unauthorized access


      The api suggested by you worked by setting the type as update

      curl -i -u joe.developer:xxxx -X POST --header 'Content-Type: applicaion/json' -d '{"visibility": "all", "content": {"type": "text/html", "text": "<body><p>Here comes the body</p></body>"},"subject": "Doc for anyone in jive - In my dox", "tags": [one, two, three] ,"type": "update"}' http://apps-public-cloud-trunk.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/contents\\\\\

      are both the apis similar ?

      2) another issue that i am facing with jive api is that after every  30 mins my session ends and i am logged out from my session

            i have to lo-gin every time that happens is there a way i can increase my session length . or  do i have to lo-gin after every 30 mins ?


          after every 30 mins if i send any request the gives a 401 error unauthorized access after logging in again it works for another 30 mins

      3) i have been working on this application for about a month now i did see some differences  in the response we get eg:

            A)  one of the request to get the activities shows response as 




                 and other data

             B) another request shows response as



                     and other data

      is there a possibility that your backend  might update all the response which is more standardized with time to come?

      thanks prashant