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    Generating engagement, interaction, adoption in company-specific private community - ideas?


      Looking for any ideas others might have who may have faced a similar scenario. We have a number of publiccommunities, but we also use Jive for company-specific private communites. Our SSO is set so that when a customer from a specific company logs in, they can immediately see in the directory a private community specifically for them. I have set several of these up over the past couple of years in conjunction with the account technical marketing contacts for the particular customer. Theyare populated with lots of useful content specific to that particular customer company. However, engagement from the customer side has proved to be challenging. Few discussions initiated or replies to discussions.

      If you have company-specific private communities (or just private communities) would appreciate any suggestions for 1) getting potential members to join the community, and then 2) getting participation. We all know how hard it is to get engagement when a potential community is large, it is even tougher wen that potential member universe is considerably smaller.