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    Recovery of deleted documents

      So a couple of us over here are looking at some features that Sharepoint offers that we are wanting to emulate through app or plugin (looking for some guidance on that). We are wanting to do the following:


      • When a document is deleted by a user it is placed into a recycle bin that all group users can see
      • After 30 days these documents are placed into a 90 day deletion status that only system admin can access
      • Then after 90 days the documents are fully wiped from the database.


      We already have the standard DB backups and imaging of servers happening, but I am not wanting to go back into the db each time a user accidentally deletes the wrong document.


      So what route would you take, app or plugin.


      Since it seems that most of the time apps are doing REST commands we should hopefully be able to pull this off depending on whether or not you have a soft delete capability in your db schema.


      Thanks for the help