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    Analytics Database Schema documentation is not complete



      I've reviewed the latest AnalyticsDatabaseSchema.pdf and could not find a reference to the  jivedw_acclaim,  jivedw_acclaim_stage, jivedw_acclaimvote or  jivedw_acclaimvote_stage tables.  I also could not find any other online documentation on the 4.5.x analytics database. 


      I'm attempting to build a query that will measure rating values across content.  I'd also like to build a report assessing various members on a per-period basis.  I'm assuming that these tables hold that raw data. 


      Also, in both the jivedw_acclaim and jivedw_acclaimvote tables each record is duplicated.  Is this expected?




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          Hi Joe,


          I didn't originally see your question since you created it as a discussion, not a case.  In the future, this question would make a great case and will help us get back to you faster! 


          Here's the 4.5 schema reference that includes these tables:  Jive Documentation.  You may find more up to date schemas in the 5.0 docs: Jive Documentation.  There weren't a lot of schema changes for out of the box analytics from 4.5 to 5.0, so this should still be accurate. 


          The big change is for instances with the Community Manager Reports plugin installed.  This adds a lot of additional lookup tables to the analytics database.  Cisco Support doesn't have the CMR plugin, but the Cisco Marketing instance does. 


          I believe that jivedw_acclaim contains both likes and ratings.  jivedw_acclaimvote provides more information on the ratings.  If you see anything strange with these tables that you have additional questions about, don't hesitate to open a case.