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    Need clarification on query string of Get Documents Service in Group Services(RESTful API) - Jive 5.0

      Hi there,


      I need clarification on parameters that are passed to query, to get the documents of a group. Below is the URL to be used.



      I have a few questions to ask:

      1. Can I pass only limit and offset, with out passing a the other 3(after, before and q)

      2. What is the data format of after & before? If I am giving "yyyy-MM-DD" this format, its saying incorrect date format.

      3. If I provide any number to offset, its not working as desired( I see the results with out considering offset).

      4. Please provide some sample URL (which will give correct results, with all the parameters).


      Can any one help me on this?


      Thanks in advance,

      Durga Prasad.