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    Only display an App Action in specific places

      Is it possible to limit where an App Action is displayed to a specific place or places? If not, would it be possible in the future?


      I'd imagine that if this was a new feature, it would be administrator of the Jive community who would limit the App Action to the places through the Admin Console. In other words, a developer would still specify "jive/actions/places/space" to say it should be available in all spaces but if an organisation wants to only display it in a specific group, they would be able to configure that in the Admin Console.

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          Interesting idea. I think the interaction of this might be difficult. For example, if a new app becomes available, should it show up in the list or not? Would you be able to elaborate on the use case that is driving this? Maybe there's a slightly different approach that might accomplish what you are looking for, e.g. being able to "hide" certain actions.

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              Here's an example of what I mean.


              Say I create an app called Case manager and it has an App Action called Create a case from this discussion. Some companies may want this to be available everywhere but others may want to limit the visibility of this, for example, to a space called Support in their external Jive community. Currently it seems that there is no way to do this but I think it would be valuable to include this functionality in Jive, either through this method or through hiding certain actions.


              In terms of implementing, all App Actions will be displayed in their default locations (ie the location specified by the app) unless there has been an override in the Admin Console. To make an override, the admin would select the app; Jive would display a table of locations where it is currently being displayed; and then the admin would select the locations where it should be displayed.


              It's important to note that this will only restrict the places where an App Action would be displayed, eg, if the App Action was displayed in documents, then the admin would be able to limit it so that it was only displayed in documents within the Marketing group in their organisation. This functionality should not change where an App Action was designed to be displayed by the developer.