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    How to use Jive to plan and keep sales engaged for Sales Kick Off - Brainstorm

      This brainstorm started out of comments from Miriam Turner on my recent blog post How to Use "Competitive Learning" to Engage Sales in 2013.  We can use this discussion as an open form to share best practices and ideas to leverage Jive in your SKO planning and execution. 

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          Here are my notes from the competitive learning stuff from last year:



          • Top participants ranking
            • raw number of posts/comments in SKO group
            • # comments marked helpful or correct (marked by Ryan and Curtis)
            • photos taken and uploaded to SKO group as blog post (via group's email alias)
          • points calculated for TEAM



          • physical, electronic leader board for each team
          • Quiz tests for key elements from Solution training:
            • Random contestant chosen from each team
            • 3 buzzers, first one to buzz in lights something up somewhere
          • Solution Competitions
            • Whole team collaborates, chooses one member to represent team in competition


          150 - First team to complete their pre-work (submitted to their team's project area)

          5 each - Top 1 - 10 Participants in SKO Group by end of Day 2

          20 - each correct quiz answer, 5 questions per quiz session, 6 quizzes over 2 days

          200 - winning team of solution presentations, 3 solution presentations over 2 days




          Team with the most total points by end Day 2

          each member:

          • receives a Jawbone UP
          • attends private reception with Jive Executive Leadership 30 minutes before Sales Dinner cocktail hour