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    Jive as an extensible collaboration platform


      Hi everyone,


      This is my first post so 'Hi everybody'.


      I'm working on a project where Jive is one of the potential platforms to build on.  I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how viable Jive is as a platform based on the requirements.


      The system requirements, that look most interesting are given below -


      * Adapting the group security model - the client would like there to be a single 'space' within the collaboration platform where users can share content with specific lists of users, basically a distribution list.  The security would be different so that multiple 'groups' can have a single piece of content shared with them.  If you are not in one of the groups that the content was shared with you should have no access to it.

      * Bespoke content types - the client has its own definition of a discussion, which essentially looks the same as Jive's own discussion but with their own metadata added, and made available in the UI.  Does Jive allow for this level of extensibility.


      Within the team we've plenty of development experience, particularly with Jive's base technology (partly why its in the mix of platforms) so getting our hands dirty with plugin development would not be a problem.