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    following new members and community manager profile?


      I just launched and am trying to engage new members.  Should I follow them all? 

      And, I have an "admin" account with just a logo and no personal details and a personal account with my name and role.  I started off using the admin account as the main profile to communicate in the community, but have switched over to my personal profile which has my name and picture.  Which is better for community management.  I"m guessing the latter as it is more personal, but just want to make sure.

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          I wouldn't want to follow all members.  That could quickly get out of hand.  With administrator privileges you will see all activity as it happens under Actions.


          I like the idea of you using your personal account for general communications with members.  They can easily view your Profile and I agree that it is more personal  There are times when using the more formal admin account is appropriate and can carrry some weight.  We use it for creating Help Center docs and feature blogs, so storage of elements is all in one place.

          We have an avatar that we offer our Community Hosts and another for those who participate in our Community Advisory Board.  Admin account has still another avatar.  I wish we had one for some of our star members but points do show status and engagement.


          It sounds like you have a fun road ahead of you, Gina.  I enjoy managing a community of some 60,000+ members, so there is never anything dull going on.




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              Hey Jane,

              thanks so much, very helpful.  I can't imagine having 60K members!  Crazy.  We only have 40,000 to invite, so will be lucky to have a couple thousand.  Thanks for validating my thoughts on using my personal profile and the admin profile, I will do just that.  And, though we're not there yet, I also like the idea of creating avatars for certain users.