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    Collaboration Conundrum


      Here's the problem that I'm trying to fix:

      • User #1 creates a document using our customized workflow that is a "response" to a document.
        • This "response document" is a personal document of User #1
        • It is added onto the the "parent" document's URL in the theme
        • Collaboration options for normal users are hidden through the theme
        • We have a permission group of individuals who are automatically added to the "response document" as collaborators
          • (This ^ is the reason that collaboration options are hidden from users - so that they cannot remove employees from the document)

      User #1 asks to add User #2 as a collaborator to the "response document."

        • User #1 is unable to do so himself because we have hidden collaboration options in the theme for everyone but our employees.
      • We are not able to add an additional collaborator to the response using a moderator, system admin, etc. account. Why not?
        • Because "response documents" are personal documents. Only the document owner for personal documents can approve additional collaborators or "share out".
          • Assumption: Cannot change document owner in Jive 5.0.2
          • Assumption: Cannot have more than one document owner
        • This means that User #1 is the only person authorized to add collaborators - and all collaboration options are hidden, on purpose.
      • How to get around this to add collaborators to the document?




      • How would you guys think about solving this?
      • One theoretical solution:
        • Leave collaboration options visible for all users
        • When an RFP/Need/TO response is generated:
          • In the theme, loop through all members of permissions group NineSigma
          • Hide all members of 9S permissions group as collaborators from the users only, not from moderators or system admins.
            • From a user-side: it appears there are no collaborators unless user adds
            • From a NineSigma side: we can see everyone who has permission to view the document
          • Is this possible? Is there an easier way to do this? Would this even solve the problem?
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          Ryan Rutan what's with the 99,220 views on this document? And no replies

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            Ryan King,

            Have you run across a scenario like this in any of your PS engagements?

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                I haven't.  Although, I'm a little unclear on what the desired behavior is.

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                    Well, step one as I see it is: add collaborators to personal documents as system admins and/or mods

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                        Ok.  Definitely a customization.  How deep is your current customization.  Theme only? or do you have plugins or a custom WAR?

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                            We've got both. And a custom theme. We're actually about to start developing a custom theme within the custom theme for a single space.


                            I guess my follow up question is - do you guys think there is another approach to achieve our desired result?


                            We use Jive, in part, to handle a document intake process. We post a document and users respond to the document with their "proposals". Our custom flow uses personal documents as the "user proposals" because the exchange needs to be private. We add a specific permissions group to the proposal as collaborators so we can see proposals. The first problem is that if we want to add someone to view the proposal -  after its been created - we can't (thus questioning how to add collaborators to personal documents when not owner).


                            The second problem is that everyone in the permissions group added sees everything submitted. We want more granular view options (example: user can see 10 responses associated with a parent document, but no other responses for other parent documents) - ideas on how we could achieve that would be extremely helpful.

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                                Sounds like a pretty deep customization–one that would go into your custom WAR. While the first part is merely a matter of changing the rules around how the collaboration options are displayed and saved (adding in the ability for moderators/admins to do so), the second part seems a bit cloudier.  I'm not sure how you would restrict a permission group's access to individual content within a place.  This is where the customization becomes "deep". 


                                This is where I normally start to remind customers about the perils of deep customizations with respect to upgrade cost. 

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