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    Collaboration Conundrum


      Here's the problem that I'm trying to fix:

      • User #1 creates a document using our customized workflow that is a "response" to a document.
        • This "response document" is a personal document of User #1
        • It is added onto the the "parent" document's URL in the theme
        • Collaboration options for normal users are hidden through the theme
        • We have a permission group of individuals who are automatically added to the "response document" as collaborators
          • (This ^ is the reason that collaboration options are hidden from users - so that they cannot remove employees from the document)

      User #1 asks to add User #2 as a collaborator to the "response document."

        • User #1 is unable to do so himself because we have hidden collaboration options in the theme for everyone but our employees.
      • We are not able to add an additional collaborator to the response using a moderator, system admin, etc. account. Why not?
        • Because "response documents" are personal documents. Only the document owner for personal documents can approve additional collaborators or "share out".
          • Assumption: Cannot change document owner in Jive 5.0.2
          • Assumption: Cannot have more than one document owner
        • This means that User #1 is the only person authorized to add collaborators - and all collaboration options are hidden, on purpose.
      • How to get around this to add collaborators to the document?




      • How would you guys think about solving this?
      • One theoretical solution:
        • Leave collaboration options visible for all users
        • When an RFP/Need/TO response is generated:
          • In the theme, loop through all members of permissions group NineSigma
          • Hide all members of 9S permissions group as collaborators from the users only, not from moderators or system admins.
            • From a user-side: it appears there are no collaborators unless user adds
            • From a NineSigma side: we can see everyone who has permission to view the document
          • Is this possible? Is there an easier way to do this? Would this even solve the problem?