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    Setting up new developer account is a mess, anyone else?

      I just created a developer account and found it a complete nightmare. First I couldn't log into the account because I kept getting an internal server error. I assumed I had my log in credentials wrong, but the "forgot password" process doesn't work (no reset email received). After almost an hour trying to wrack my brain I finally tracked down Ryan Rutan. After speaking with Ryan I found out I was trying to log into the old developer environment Jive was decommissioning. At the same time Gary Jensen reset my password and I was able to log in. Of course, it would have been nice if they changed the navigation on their marketing site, so new users wouldn't fall down the trap door ;-)


      Now that we straightened out getting pointed to the right login URL and working log in credentials, I was able to get into my account and add my developer. My developer was able to log in once and change his password, but couldn't log back in ("Failed to login" error message without any explanation). He also tried the "forgot password" process to no avail. I assumed my problems were because I was trying to log into the decommissioned environment, but my developer is experiencing his issues with the new site. I've got another email into Ryan and Gary, but this is painfully frustrating, especially when we are evaluating Jive as a platform.


      Has anyone else experienced these kinds of problems?