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    Best Practices on Unified Customer Registration

    Jeffrey Murnan

      We are in the process of enhancing our Customer web experience and Jive is a big part of that. 


      We currently have a SSO system that our customers use to get login & pw, and they can use those credentials on any of our systems.  The issue we run into is, our registration process is not unified so customers end up creating multiple accounts or have to maintain similar demographic fields across.


      What are some of the best practices (and potentially technology) you have used to unify your customer registration experience?

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          When they try to register for your community is there a way to point them to a centralized system instead of giving them so many choices?   We just used a redirect to our main website account login page.  Our implementation uses our main website accounts (home grown) with web services API calls to do SSO with Jive.  The users simply update their existing account with a community username or create a new account and then the SSO uses API calls to create or update users.  One problem is the Jive pageview cost model counts API calls as a percentage of page views (and we have not way to tell how many really happen each month ) but it seems to be a fairly smooth process for our customers.


          Here is a video we made that shows the account creation process: http://www.adtran.com/supportcommunityvideo


          Hope some of this helps.  Good to see you at JW this year.



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              Jeffrey Murnan

              We have a unified SSO system that each of our customer facing applications leverage.  It is pretty basic and does not cascade much beyond first name, last name, and email to the other applications.  We are using:

              • Jive (community based discussions)
              • Customer Web Portal (knowledge base for entitled product documentation & access to eService)
              • We are potentially going to add a third to better handle our knowledge base requirements


              I am really interested to learn more about the API component and how that works.  We are ultimately hoping to have a better way to entitle users to the specific product content spaces without too much manual swivel-chairing.


              I also watched the video and liked how straightforward it was!