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    index.jspa page

      Is there a way to remove the "There are no spaces. If you have admin privileges use the admin console to create some." line from the initial /clearspace/index.jspa page?  Basically I want our registered people in our organization to see the login page and that's it....I don't want anyone to attempt to log in the admin console.


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          hi Bob,


          There's no easy switch that you can toggle to do this (although that feature is on our radar screen) but you can still get what you want. Maybe the easiest thing to do would be this:


          Go to the admin console --> System --> Settings --> Themes.  Create a theme, call it whatever you want. Edit the theme and create a new custom template (the template you want to override is /template/clearspace/main.ftl) and replace this section:


          <#if (community.communityCount == 0) >

                  <div class="jive-communities-none">

                      There are no spaces. If you have admin privileges use the

                      &lt;a href="admin/main.jsp"&gt;admin console&lt;/a&gt; to create some.




          with this:


          <#if (community.communityCount == 0) >

                  <div class="jive-communities-none">

                      You must login to view the site. Click &lt;a href="<@ww.url value='/login!input.jspa' includeParams='none' />"&gt;here&lt;/a&gt; to login.




          and then save the template override.  The last step you must take is to map the theme to the root community.  Click 'Add Theme Map' from the main themes page, select the theme you created and then select the root community and click 'add'. Users should now see a message to login when the visit the Clearspace homepage without logging in.





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              Thanks...exactly what i was looking for!

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                I need some help with something similar. I'd like to change the layout of the login page. I've followed your directions:

                Create theme

                Create custom template from login.ftl

                Changed h1 tags on "login.title" to h2 (just for a simple test)

                Saved the template

                Added theme map of new theme to Main space


                This has no effect. If I look at the actual file on the system, it still shows h1 tags. If I edit the file on the system, changing the h1 tags, it works.


                What am I missing? The new custom template is stored somewhere, but it doesn't override the default login.ftl.


                BTW, I'm also seeing an error in error log:

                2007.03.08 13:23:36 theme.xml could not be loaded for theme 'MC'. I'm not sure what that means.





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                    Hi Doug,


                    I think the problem is that you mapped your theme to the main space. The login page is independent of a space, so your theme needs to either be applied globally, or via URL expression. Unfortunately, there is a bug that will not allow you to create a global theme map in the admin console (http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-753) so you will have to map your theme to a URL.


                    Select the Theme Type to be URL, and in the provided text area, enter a regular expression that will match the URL to your instance. Something like:




                    This will apply the theme you created globally, if you would rather apply it only to the login page, you could create a theme mapping like:




                    Hope this helps!



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                  I'm trying to this in version 1.1.0 and having problems as it has changed...anywhere I could find a quick tutorial?