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    Document editing lock timeout


      We have had an issue twice this week where user A will be editing a document. It shows that user A is currently editing the document and no one else may edit. After some time the message will disappear, despite the fact that user A is still editing the document. User B will then open the document to edit it. User B saves their changes while User A is still editing the document. User A finally finishes their edits and goes to save and gets the message "an unexpected error has occurred". All of user A's changes are completely lost and they have to start over.


      I believe this is happening because User A's document lock has timed out then when it goes to resolve the publish, because changes have been made since user A opened the document originally it cannot resolve the changes. Which raises a few questions.


      Is this a known issue?

      Is there an auto-save option for documents?

      Is there a timeout for editing a document? If so is this configurable?


      Additional info: User A is using Firefox and we are on the Jive Cloud platform.


      Any help with this issue would be great!