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    Flash video oddities

      Hello all,


      I have read some previous topics on flash incompatibilities with jive but those were with IE 7/flash/ssl. I am having an issue that may be similar with viewing YouTube videos in IE9 that are embedded into Jive. The odd thing is that I can make them work by disabling the Shockwave Flash Object IE add-on but this is no fix for end users. It baffles me as I once I disable the flash add-on these flash videos in Jive work, but all other flash outside of Jive ceases. All affected users are on IE 9, win 7 x64 and using various versions of flash ( I downloaded previous versions for testing from filehippo.com ). All of the versions of flash I have tested have been of the 11.x.x flavor, before I begin banging my head on the wall over embedded YouTube videos has anyone else experienced this issue?


      Things I have noticed:

      Only happens to Youtube videos (that have been reported)

      Disabling flash allows jive flash to play in IE 9

      Flash versions tested 11.4 | 11.2 | 11.1 | 11.0

      Copying the embedded link and pasting into a browser fails as it appears to carry the https:// tag (remove the S and it plays)

      They work fine in chrome and allegedly in Firefox


      As a disclaimer I was not in the process of implementing Jive or creating any pages so I may ask elementary questions if asked to perform some of the back end administration so please forgive me.


      Thank you,