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    Feature Request: Calendar

      We're thrilled with Clearspace and we are using it as the foundation for our intranet portal.


      What we would really like is some way to maintain a group calendar.  Even if it were a read only display of an Exchange public folder, some way for multiple users to view/maintain a shared calendar would be GREAT.  At the moment we're uploading static calendar documents that users have to download and open, which is obviously cumbersome.


      Some sort of calendar widget would be outstanding.


      Thank you.

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          Awesome -- great to hear that you guys like Clearspace.


          Funny you should ask about calendars. We're looking at doing

          integrations with all the major ones: Exchange, Google or generic iCal

          (ie, Zimbra). The idea is that we'd pull in calendar information (read

          only) and show it on user's profile page or on a space (for a group /



          I have a few questions for you:


          • What's your Calendar server now? I'm assuming Exchange.


          • How many users do you have?


          • What would you use public folders for? What would you hope to retrieve

          from them?


          • What would you expect to be able to do or see if your calendar was

          viewable from CS?




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              • What's your Calendar server now? I'm assuming Exchange.+

              Exchange, but usage is just better than ad-hoc.  Today, shared Public Folders are partially leveraged.  With the right encouragement we could easily make Public Folders the defacto calendar repository.  Most people use outlook today so that would be easy to do.  If there was a RO view in Clearspace that would help improve visibility since not everyone knows how to access Public Folders today.


              * How many users do you have?

              65 or so.


              +* What would you use public folders for? What would you hope to retrieve from them?

              +One example: our Marketing dept. wants to publish a calendar of all the upcoming events.


              * What would you expect to be able to do or see if your calendar was viewable from CS?

              Wouldn't expect to be able to do much except browse the calendar.  I would be comfortable if the only edit mode was, again, through the native source (Exchange Public Folders).  So really all you would need is, perhaps, the ability to switch between viewsday, week, monthbut that's about it.


              I am trying to keep it simple here.  Anything that facilitates exposure to information, particularly information that already exists elsewhere (yet may not be easily accessible for everyone) would be a win.

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                We also want it. Some of our tech folks are using Confluence's calendar plugin, to show team vacations, who's on call, etc. Corporate events, conferences, etc. would be nice too.


                Exchange. 200+ users.


                Lower priority.

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                    The ability to schedule meetings and other events would be very useful to us. The members of our community are located in different parts of the world and would like the ability to request meeting appointments with other members, suggest a time and place for the meeting and view their meeting appointments.


                    Since we also have at least 6 conferences a year, we would like to schedule these as community-wide or space-specific events in a calendar.

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                        Here here! On this request.  I currently have to have our EA manually update a MS Word calendar of our group's various meetings through the year.  A master calender in which community-specific events could be added would be great. 


                        Ideally a user would be able to view calendar entries within their community or view the master.  Within a community, the upcoming events could be viewed through a calendar/upcoming events widget while an additional tab (ie like the Discussions, Documents tab) would take them to a calendar view.   Taking it a step further, those with priviledges to create calendar items would be able to set-up reminder dates with email notifications going out to those subscribed to the community/calendar to remind them of upcoming events.

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                    We're currently evaluating using Clearspace for a couple for 100 - 300 user cross location Intranet, and a read only calendar feature would be awesome.  We have internal tools release schedules and product release schedules that would be great to be able to show on a space by space basis.  Microsoft Exchange would be perfect, but honestly, a bespoke custom calendar widget would be fine too.





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                      Hello, for which release you've scheduled it - are there any News? Would be very nice to have a solution to work with.


                      Thank you very much

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                        Echoing everyone above. Any news?

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                          am I missing something or is this functionality still not present?