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    Switching between editors messes up formatting

      I'm using Clearspace 1.0.2 & Firefox


      • Type the following text in the Rich Text Editor (there is a line break after the first line):



      This is heading #3

      This is the next line. It is in paragraph format.



      • Format the 1st line as "Heading #3". The 2nd line remains in paragraph format

      • Now switch to the Plain Text Editor

      • The above text becomes (line break is missing):



      This is heading #3This is the next line. It is in paragraph format



      • Switch back to the Rich Text Editor and all the text is in Heading #3 format.


      The above behavior is reproducible when the first line is in Heading #3 format and the second is in paragraph format. This does not occur when both lines are in the same format (H3 or paragraph). Is this a bug of some sort?