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    recovered blank doc

      I clicked "Create new document", answered the defaults, and got at the top of the new edit window:


      A recovered version of this content exists from Mar 8, 2007 6:21 PM. Would you like to use the recovered version or delete it?


      hadn't put in a title or anything yet.

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          I see this message too when I have 2 new, blank & unsaved documents open in 2 browser windows. I'm guessing Clearspace is confused since there are 2 new & unsaved documents open at the same time...

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            hi mphilips,


            The Clearspace system saves the work you're doing in a draft state every n seconds that you've made a change so that if you're browser crashes or if your session times out  you won't lose your document / blog post / discussion thread message.  For the most part you shouldn't see the 'recovered version of this content exists...' message, but if you click 'create a document', choose a community, enter a title... and then close your browser, that document exists as a recovered document, which is maybe why you got the message.


            I think this needs to be documented better in our online documentation because there are some interesting rules behind how / when drafts are created, here's an issue for you: