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    template help

      where do i find the Clearspace logo in the templates so i can replace it with our own?


      where do i find the footer (powered by, copyright)?

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          Funny, I'm working on the same thing....


          The footer info is at the bottom of /template/decorator/default/template.ftl.


          I haven't figured out the logo yet, it's different from integrated. So far, I've found a Jive Global property called skin.default.headerHTML that holds the header html and/or logo. I'm not quite sure how to implement it yet, I'm assuming setting the property to some content. Let me know if you get it figured out.



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            Doug is correct, the decorator file is located at /template/decorator/default/template.ftl. The decorator file is where you will find the header and the footer for the application.


            The Clearspace logo, like all images in Clearspace, is specified in the CSS files. You can find the specification in jive-global.css for id jive-global-header-logo. The image file is jive-clearspace-logo_w.gif.


            If you simply want to change the logo, all you have to do is modify the CSS file. If you want to make more in depth changes to your header/footer you have a few options.


            If you want to make a global change to your header/footer, you can simply use the jive properties skin.default.headerHTML and skin.default.footerHTML to specify a block of HTML that will be used instead of our default header/footer.


            If you want to make a change to a specific community, you can create a theme, override the decorator template file, and put your own header/footer directly in the template file, then map that theme to the specific community.



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                I'm in the middle of creating custom header and footer data, but want to do it the "right  way"(tm). I've learned that putting code/file changes in the /clearspace webapp directory can get blasted on a code update. I noticed that custom templates I define are in jiveHome. Is there a reliable way to put special code/images/etc in jiveHome? If so, how do I reference jiveHome in a template?



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                    Hey Doug,


                    You can put custom images, css, etc in your jiveHome for a specific theme. Lets say you have a theme named "test". In your jiveHome/themes directory, you will see a folder for your "test" theme. You can put your images and css anywhere in the "test" theme folder and refer to it via the following URL:




                    where test is the name of your theme and customImage.gif is the image you are referring to.



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                    I tried both methods (skin.default.footerHTML property; custom theme) and neither works. The property yields Freemarker error, the theme does nothing.

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                    had theme mapped to space, instead of URL. fixed, now works. thanks.

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                      There're two bugs in the /template/decorator/default/template.ftl file:


                      <!-- BEGIN footer -->

                      <#assign footer = JiveGlobals.getJiveProperty("skin.default.footerHTML")!>

                      <#if (footer != '' && JiveGLobals.getJiveBooleanProperty("skin.default.useDefaultFooterHTML", false))>




                      First, in the 'if' line, "JiveGLobals" (note miscapitalized L), which, if you actually put in either of those two properties, causes a FreeMarker error.

                      Second, the logic or label is wrong, because you actually need to set skin.default.useDefaultFooterHTML to TRUE in order to NOT display the default footer.


                      And finally, why have both? why not just check to see if there's anything in skin.default.footerHTML, in which case, use it?