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    understanding {noformat} and the "pre" tag in creating a new document

      While trying to create documents, I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to display code or information in an HTML pre tag.  Here's what I've discovered so far


      1) In the Rich Text editor, I can format text as Preformatted.  When siwtching over to preview, it appears to be preformatted.


      2) Switching over to the Plain Text editor, I see that the Preformatted is converted t

      , but there is no closing tag at all.  For example:
      This is regular text
      this is preformatted text


      text                        text


      more pre format

      Really, I'm just looking for the ability to do something like
      {{{ lots of preformatted text }}}
      <pre>some file information</pre>
      Am I missing how this works?  I'm not understanding the 
      tag, how it's being used, or if this is the functionality that I'm looking for.


      I'm a new user to clearspace, so please forgive me if I'm overlooking something.