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    problems with copying tables into the Rich Text Editor

      I have the following 5 x 2 table in PowerPoint:




      Amt of R

      1, 2, 3

      No R


      Some R


      Some more R


      Maximum R


      I created a new blog post and copied the table from PPT into the Rich Text Editor. It looked OK in all 3 panes (Rich text, Plain text, Preview). But when I published the post, the HTML tags for the table are displayed instead:



      <table border="1" class="jive-wiki-table">



      <td>Sample #</td>

      <td>Amt of R</td>



      <td>1, 2, 3</td>

      <td>No R</td>




      <td>Some R</td>




      <td>Some more R</td>




      <td>Maximum R</td>






      So I tried the following:


      • Copy table from PowerPoint -> Excel -> Rich text editor: HTML is displayed

      • Copy table from PowerPoint -> Notepad -> editor: no table is created automatically in the Rich text editor

      • Type the table wiki markup manually in the Plain text editor: HTML is displayed

      • Insert table by clicking the table icon in the editor toolbar: HTML is displayed


      I am currently unable to create a table in the rich text editor. Help!