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    Can't Access Main Space from Browse Button in v1.0.3

      Not sure if I did something wrong with creating this user name, but I can access my topmost level of my Clearspace instance (called NAPHIT Live!) by using the breadcrumbs and when I log in. I get a log-in screen whenever I try to access it by trying to access it through the Browse dropdown menu. This only happens with a certain type of membership group that I've created.

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          hi Ginny,


          This is a bug on our part: the link in the breadcrumb points to /index.jspa and the link in the browse menu points to /community, even though the both go the same place.  You can fix this right now by updating the link created in the userbar by creating a theme, editing the user-bar.ftl and change line 247 from this:


          <a href="<@ww.url includeParams="none" value="$"/>">


          to this:


          <a href="<@ww.url includeParams="none" value="/index.jspa"/>">


          Apply the theme to a global URL and it should be fixed.  I filed a bug for this (http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-784) and hope to have it fixed for 1.0.4.





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              Thanks for the tip, Aaron... the only problem is that because I'm not so familiar with Themes, I changed the template, saved it, but it didn't fix the problem. Potential issues are that:


              1. I didn't actually create a new theme (not sure how to do that... I changed the .ftl file in the "Custom" theme.

              2. You say to apply this change to a global URL... not really sure how to do that (I'm not so techie).


              I'm supposed to launch our site to my organization's members tomorrow... actually today given the hour, so i'd sure appreciate some help getting through this.

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                  Hi Ginny,


                  It sounds like you have your custom theme setup and ready to go. To apply it to a global url, go to the themes page in the admin console and under "Theme Maps" you will find a place to map your custom theme to a url. In the URL text box, you will need to enter a regular expression that will match all of your clearspace URL's. As an example, lets assume the URL to your clearspace instance is




                  the regular expression to use would be


                  .localhost:8080/clearspace. (.* means anything, any number of times)


                  If you want to reply with the URL you to your clearspace instance, I would be happy to give you the exact regular expression to use. Normally you can just select a theme globally, without having to deal with this URL stuff, but there is a bug that is preventing us from doing so now. It will be fixed in the next point release of Clearspace (1.0.4).