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    Disable (not Delete) User

      Is there a way to disable an account?  I only see delete.  I realize I could change their password to prevent them from logging in, but a proper way to disable an account without deleting it would be nice.

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          Ps - Now that I've deleted this user (who left our employ), their content is all owned by Guest which is a little screwy since we've lost the ability to track the owner of the content.

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              Sounds like this information is a little late for you, and as you already observed we do not have "disable" functionality.


              Depending on your site you can do the following:

              1.  Change Password

              2.  Remove all permissions for the user (essentially making the person just a "registered user"

              3.  Ban the user.


              I would recommend option 3.  You can ban the user and disable their login, which is essentially what you are wanting to do.