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    Pasting RTF from Word: Formatting inconsistencies

      As a work around to pasting HTML, I recently saved an HTML formated Outlook email as *.htm then first opened it using Word, then saved it as *.rtf using Word. 


      The objective was to find a work-around to get HTML content into Clearspace.


      So I CTRL-A'd and CTRL-C'd the content and CTRL-V'd it into Clearspace's RTF editor.


      The results were not good. 


        The CTRL-V content in the Clearspace "paste" window was riddled with extra line breaks; however, the color and fort formatting was carried over.


        After "Insert" into the RTF editor,

          a.  the color formatting of the text was lost

          b.  the indent formatting was lost/whacked


      Is copying RFT from Word supported?