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    Outline numbering

      Is the numbering function in the rtf editor intended to be an outline function?


      When indenting, the function correctly sets number of newly indented line to "1"; however, when out-denting, the function removes numbering entirely instead of incrementing from the previous line at that level.


      This means that I cannot make a paragraph 2.1 following paragraph 1.3.  When out-denting, the editor sets the numbering back to 1.  Is there a way to make that 1 a 2?

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          Kevin Williams

          I have attached a screenshot showing the behavior that I believe you are wanting?


          What browser are you using?  I did this in Firefox by simply using the number button and the indent and outdent function.

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              Kevin - I went back to reproduce my experience and found that from a fresh, blank, wiki document, the numbering function behaves as expected (and illustrated in your screenshot).


              Where it broke down for me was when I had pasted some outline numbered text from a Word document and then attempted to use the numbering tool (in an area of the document outside of the Word-numbered text).  The Wiki editor does not recognize the Word outlining, yet something about the Word paste confused the Wiki numbering function.  I was able to re-produce the behavior of an out-dent restarting the numbering; however, it appears to be a phenomenon specific what I was trying to do.


              So putting my original question aside as a user-specific issue (mine, that is), let me rephrase and ask if pasting Word-outlined text will be supported?  Presently, pasting outlined text from Word 'flattens' the text, both eliminating soft returns (SHFT-ENTER's) and eliminating all paragraph indenting.