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    BUG? - Clearspace Text Editor auto scrolls after bolding / italicizing, etc

      I'm going to describe how to replicate the issue in order to describe the problem I'm seeing.  Basically, the focus of the cursor and scrolled focus is moved when scrolling is active.  I believe the version of Clearspace is 1.0.0 for this test.


      1) You either create a new wiki document or edit an existing one.


      2) In the wiki "body" under the title, I'm entering information into the Plain Text tab.  There is enough information that the scroll bar on the right is activated.


      3) Scroll down so that the focus is below line 17 (my default view on Firefox).  Below the default height.


      4) Highlight text below the default height, then select either Bold, Italic, or Underline.


      5) After the wiki format is implemented (*'s around text for bold, +'s around text that is italic, etc), the scroll bar automigically scrolls ups and it appears that the cursor  goes to the end of the document.


      The expected result (for me) is that the cursor and focus remain at the same line, after the wiki format is inserted.


      I think this is a bug.  I'm not sure if this has been fixed or if anyone else has seen this issue.