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    Latency in answered questions showing as answered


      Hi all,


      I am finding that on our network when we switch a question from unanswered to answered (or assumed answered) it sometimes takes a significant amount of time for the question to show up as such - does anyone else have this problem? Is this just something in Jive?


      One of the tests I conducted produced these results:


      Posted question at 12:42

      Replied and marked correct answer at 12:43

      Checked answered questions at 12:45 - shows in answered questions list

      Checked question itself 12:48 - question not showing as answered when opened up despite having moved to answered list and having a green check bubble indicating it is answered.



      Does this happen for anyone else? I've had multiple people report this to me and would like to know if this is an internal bug that I need to worry about.